Jasmine Dragon Eyes(Moli Longzhu) 50g


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An exquisite hand-rolled jasmine scented tea. The pearls explode into large leaves in the cup. This is a rich soothing cup of indulgence. An absolutely stunning tea. The intense flavour and scent of jasmine gives way to an incredibly clean after-taste. Watch the dragon pearls blossom before your eyes.This green tea has a unique shape of a pearl. These pearls consist of two types of leaves and unopened hand rolled buds. This tea has a sweet flavour with a flowery Jasmine aroma. Compared with our other Jasmine teas this has a strong tea flavour and a strong Jasmine fragrance.

[Origin of Product]
Xiaowang, Guangxi, Zhejiang, China

[Brewing Guide]

    75~80°C        355ml            1~2min