Matcha 100g


Kagoshima - the home of the purpose-grown and processed “latte-grade” matcha. Oh, but this is no ordinary latte-grade matcha either, it’s JAS certified organic, it carries milk just right and it stays colour-intense. It’s even suitable on its own.

[Origin of Product]
Kagoshima, Japan

1. Add 1 heaped tsp/4g of matcha to a 250ml latte glass.
2. Heat 250ml milk (we recommend coconut) with steam wand (or stove, microwave etc) to 70˚C
3. Add a splash of the warmed milk (around 50ml) to your glass, stir the matcha until there are no lumps.
4. Fill the glass with remaining milk.
5. Garnish with a dusting of matcha. Enjoy with or without honey.