Silver Jasmine 50g


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Plenty of silver tips, this is a green tea that should be recognized not only for its jasmine infused scent, but the quality of the tea leaves themselves. Silver tips are the young buds of the tea plant, prized for their high levels of anti-oxidants.

Xiaowang uses relatively high grown bushes for this scented orthodox leaf tea, picked at elevations of 1000m above sea level. The tea is infused with racks of jasmine blossoms three times to ensure the fragrance does not dissipate quickly. As such, this grade of jasmine tea takes no short-cuts as almost no jasmine blossoms are blended with the tea (which would otherwise cause bitterness when steeped). The fragrance is purely relied upon a thorough multiple infusion process.

[Origin of Product]
Xiaowang, Guangxi, Zhejiang, China

[Brewing Guide]

    75~80°C        355ml             1~2min